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May we introduce...

4 January 2017 

In the last quarter of 2016 we welcomed a number of new faces. May we introduce our new colleagues:

Employees Total Produce B.V. support local projects

4 January 2017 

In the previous year, Total Produce B.V. supported multiple great and local initiatives with help from our employees.

Organic melon from overseas a fact!

4 January 2017 

In 2015 we have spent about € 102 million on organic f&v in the Dutch supermarkets. But not a single melon from overseas. Until now.

Update - move to Cool Port

4 January 2017 

October 2016, Total Produce B.V. signed an agreement with Kloosterboer, symbolising the green light for the move to Cool Port. A short update.

Preview - trends 2017

4 January 2017 

Within ‘Food’ and ‘Retail’ there are numerous of notable trends for 2017. We made a wrap-up of these trends for you:

The consumer

4 January 2017 

A hot topic of discussion in the F&V sector is ‘the consumer’. But who is this consumer and what does this consumer prefer?