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After move office, logistics will be moving

17 May 2017 

After the move of our office, the logistics will be outsourced to Kloosterboer Cool Port. Please take a look at the changes.

CargoCard will also be mandatory at Cool Port

30 March 2017 

May-June this year, Total Produce B.V. will outsource it’s logistics to Kloosterboer. We would like to inform you on the usage of the CargoCard.

Move of our office on the 18th of April 2017

27 March 2017 

A short update on the upcoming move of Total Produce B.V. to a new, future proof location.

May we introduce...

4 January 2017 

In the last quarter of 2016 we welcomed a number of new faces. May we introduce our new colleagues:

Employees Total Produce B.V. support local projects

4 January 2017 

In the previous year, Total Produce B.V. supported multiple great and local initiatives with help from our employees.

Organic melon from overseas a fact!

4 January 2017 

In 2015 we have spent about € 102 million on organic f&v in the Dutch supermarkets. But not a single melon from overseas. Until now.