Total Produce B.V. has a long history that goes back to the year 1850, when Velleman and Tas combined their sales activities in overseas products and established the company Velleman & Tas. Velleman & Tas has always been one of the driving forces behind fruit import developments in Rotterdam. The company was involved with the Rotterdam Fruithaven from the very start and, until it was closed, was one of the driving forces behind the Rotterdam citrus auction.

In 2000, Velleman & Tas was taken over by the Irish multinational Fyffes and changed its name to Fyffes B.V. A few years later, Fyffes was split and a number of companies continued as the Total Produce Group. This division also affected Fyffes B.V. and part of the company has since been operating under the name Total Produce B.V.

To strengthen its position in the French market, Total Produce B.V. bought a majority interest in the French company Indigo Fruits S.A.S. in 2012 and changed its name to Total Produce Indigo S.A.S..

Total Produce B.V. has always focused on forging relationships with growers and exporters in the most important non-European production areas. The results of these efforts are a large international network of partners and an extensive product portfolio. Total Produce B.V. is currently one of the largest importers of overseas fruit in Europe.


By innovatively coordinating supply and demand in overseas fruit, Total Produce B.V. aims to offer

  • long-term certainty to suppliers through strategic collaboration that results in the purchase of products at optimal prices, and
  • to offer long-term certainty to retailers, service providers and wholesalers for the delivery of the desired volumes with pricing, quality and packaging tailored to their needs.

Within this chain, Total Produce B.V. maintains the following core values: passion, competence, reliability and responsibility.



  • We position ourselves as a specialist in overseas fruit in the long-term relationship between supplier and buyer.
  • As an importer, we pursue a leading position in both major overseas production areas in South Africa, America and Latin America, as well as our most important markets in the Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia and France.
  • We pursue openness and honesty in our relationships with suppliers, buyers and employees.


Total Produce Group

Total Produce B.V. is located in Rotterdam and is part of the Total Produce Group.