Agrícola Famosa (Brazil)


Country of origin

Melons and papaya




Agrícola Famosa was established in 1995 and has grown to be the largest melon grower in Brazil. This is an important and reliable partner for Total Produce B.V. for the delivery of melons under the TOP house brand. The melon growing areas are located in north-eastern Brazil, originally one of the poorer regions of the country. Agrícola Famosa employs around 5,000 people during peak periods.

The company provides itself and numerous other growers in the area with seedlings from its own nursery. The newest techniques, including grafting, result in strong, healthy young melon plants in the fields. In addition to melons, Agrícola Famosa also grows Formosa papaya, bananas, asparagus and a variety of vegetables in various small packages for local consumption.

Agrícola Famosa contributes to the development of the area in which it grows its products and is a trendsetter in terms of sustainability. They use techniques like organic pest control methods, so that fewer pesticides are needed.

In addition, virtually all waste is recycled and converted into compost and other products. The company also has windmills on the farm for generating power to meet its own power needs and those of the surrounding area.

The interaction between Total Produce B.V. and Agrícola Famosa takes place on both a commercial and technical level. Mutual trust and the testing of different varieties ensure the desired volumes, varieties, brands and quality of the melons. Intensive collaboration between Agrícola Famosa, Total Produce B.V. and seed breeders enables the joint development of various types of melons. This takes place in a highly innovative setting and ensures the development of new products that meet market demands.

Agrícola Famosa sees to the perfect transition from the European to the overseas season at the start of the season in the first week of September.