Fyffes (Costa Rica / Panama)


Country of origin
Costa Rica and Panama


Fyffes Gold



Fyffes is a well-established and respected organisation with a rich history that is famous for its blue fruit label. The company carries the oldest fruit label in the world and the company’s roots dates back to the year 1880, with the first commercial delivery in London. Fyffes specialises primarily in the production and logistics of tropical fruit. This Irish multinational has branches in Europe, the United States and Central and South America.

Fyffes’ product portfolio consists of bananas, pineapples and melons. The long-term collaboration between Fyffes and Total Produce B.V. focuses on the import of pineapples from production areas in Costa Rica and Panama.

Fyffes prioritise ‘corporate responsibility’ and acts accordingly by continuously developing its own ‘code of practices’.

The relationship between Total Produce B.V. and Fyffes is a unique one with a long history. This includes operating jointly under the same name for many years, resulting in strong contacts, short lines of communication and close coordination between the two companies. This makes it possible to respond quickly and effectively to market demands.