Letaba (South Africa)


Country of origin
South Africa

Grapefruit and oranges

Juicy and Letaba


Letaba (African Realty Trust) is one of the oldest citrus growers in South Africa. Unlike many other growers, this grower continues to operate fully independently. The African Realty Trust was established in 1902, a 3,800 hectare plantation (estate) almost entirely covered in citrus trees, in addition to a small number of banana plants. A second plantation was established in 1961, where around 80,000 tons of citrus fruits are grown each year. Letaba also has the largest citrus packing house in South Africa (Letaba Citrus Processors).

As a result, Letaba is completely vertically integrated. They maintain control of the entire growing, packing and exporting of all citrus. 

The advantages to this approach include the consistent supply of a homogenous product and guaranteed food safety. After years of experience and a focus on the biological improvement of soil quality, Letaba citrus is now one of the highest quality fruits in this region.

Total Produce B.V. and Letaba have been partners from ‘day one’. Years of intensive collaboration have made Letaba and Total Produce B.V. an extension of one another and enables them to meet the programmes of various buyers with the greatest care from A to Z.