Pineapples and watermelons

Fyffes and Global Foods

2011: 3,6 mln. (EU: 503,5 mln.)

GNR in US$
2011: 27 mld. (EU: 17.584 mld.)

GNR, growth (annualy in %)
2011: 10,6 (EU: 1,5)

GNR per head (US$)
2011: 7.498 (EU: 34.923)

Agriculture, contribution GNR (in %)
2011: 4,0 (EU: 1,5)


Panama is primarily known for the Panama Canal, the most important connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Around half of the total land surface of the country is used for agriculture. Important export products are fish, bananas and gold, with the combination of agriculture and fishing representing 60% of exports.

Panama has a tropical and very humid climate with a dry season between January and May. Total Produce B.V. is active in Panama and imports pineapples and watermelons. The growing areas for pineapples are concentrated in the middle of the country near the Panama Canal. Watermelons are primarily grown just to the west of Panama City. 

Total Produce B.V. imports Fyffes pineapples and Global Foods watermelons. Panama is currently working on widening the Panama Canal so that, from 2014 onwards, the largest ships in the world can pass between the two oceans. This widening will further stimulate the economic expansion of the country.

Total Produce B.V.’s decision to work with growers from Panama was inspired by the fact that it can guarantee the supply of watermelons during the European contra-season. For pineapples, this means that, together with Cost Rica, consistent quality and volumes can be offered year-round.;