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The history of the pomegranate goes back more than 4,000 years, making this fruit one of the first cultivated fruits in the world. Around 500 years ago, the Spanish missionaries planted the first pomegranate tree in the New World, after which a farmer from Porterville took pomegranate cuttings from Florida to cultivate in California. The pomegranate grown in California after that was much sweeter and juicier than the other varieties, which is why it was named the ‘Wonderful’.

The California pomegranate now enjoys international fame and is a popular product. Total Produce B.V. works together with POM Wonderful, the largest grower of pomegranates in the U.S.A. Production takes place on more than 18,000 hectares of land in the centrally located San Joaquin Valley in California. 


POM Wonderful is a vertically integrated pomegranate specialist with full traceability. From production to shipping, everything is company-controlled.

All POM Wonderful pomegranates are packed under the POM Wonderful and Ultimate labels. POM Wonderful is one of the few genuine consumer brands within the produce sector. In addition to fresh fruit, POM also produces 100% pure natural pomegranate juice.

The consumption and production of pomegranates (and pomegranate juice) is currently undergoing growth worldwide. POM Wonderful and Total Produce B.V. have developed a strategy to fuel this growth and the transformation currently being undertaken by this product.