Unifrutti SA (South Africa)


Country of origin
South Africa

Lemons, grapefruit, mandarins and oranges




In 1999 the company Unifrutti SA opened his offices. From that moment on, farms, pack houses and cold stores were acquired and built to form a supply platform as it is today. As the business grew, a worldwide marketing strategy was developed which matched the global strategy of the Unifrutti International Group.

The head quarter of Unifrutti SA is located in Somerset West (nearby Cape Town), where procurement, logistics, quality control, technical guidance and the financial department are located.


The main volume originates from their own farms: Dunbrody Estates, Blyderiver and Matroozefontein but there is also an intensive cooperation with partners to meet the required market’s demand.

The traditional markets lie in the Middle East and for many years the EU, UK and Far East are also important destinations for the company. Total Produce B.V. receives citrus from the ‘Unifrutti’ brand. The Unifrutti brand, quality and service play a central role in the marketing strategy. The GLOBALG.A.P. and SIZA certification of all farms are a confirmation of the professionalism of Unifrutti SA.