United Plantations (Swaziland)


Country of origin

Grapefruit and oranges

River Gold, Swazigold and Tropic Gold

United Plantations is located in north-western Swaziland. Sugar and citrus are the most important export products from this relatively small country. United Plantations is the country’s largest exporter of oranges and grapefruits. The company carries the River Gold label, which has proven to be successful in various markets. Shipment of the fruit takes place from the Maputo (Mozambique) and Durban (South Africa) ports. United Plantations has two farms, Ngonini and Tambuti, which grow oranges and grapefruit for export and sugar and bananas for local consumption.

In addition to its commercial focus, United Plantations is also involved in community work and ensures that homes, schooling and medical care is available to its workers.

The collaboration between United Plantations and Total Produce B.V. originated after the deregulation in South Africa in 1997. This close collaboration has led to a stable supply of an excellent quality product with a high juice content. Total Produce B.V. is currently one of the largest receivers of United Plantations fruit.