Country of origin
Brazil, Costa Rica, HondurasPanama and Peru

Agrícola Famosa, Agropecuaria Montelibano and Global Foods

Global Foods, Mike's Melon and TOP


The melon is part of the ‘cucurbitaceae’ family, which includes squash and cucumbers, and is also known as a cash crop. A melon takes 60-65 days to grow from seed to ripe fruit.

Melons are grown in different varieties, each with its own unique appearance and taste. The Total Produce B.V. range consists of Galia, Cantaloupe, Yellow Honeydew, Piel de Sapo and various watermelons. These varieties are sold under the labels TOP, Mike’s Melons and Global Foods. Production takes place in collaboration with the growers Agrícola Famosa, Agrolibano and Global Foods. 

Increasing buyer demands in terms of taste, colour, appearance and shelf life, have made product innovation an important activity. A melon can be harvested within 60 days, so developments are taking place quickly. Total Produce B.V. works together closely with various seed breeders and growers to this end.

Total Produce B.V. is the largest importer of overseas melons and can rightfully call itself a ‘melon specialist’. Buyers can be certain to receive a high-quality product and are kept fully up-to-date on global developments that can be of interest.