Country of origin
Argentina, Chile, China and South Africa

Capespan, Exportadora Los Lirios, Exportadora Magna Trading, Exportadora Rucaray, Ledesma and Unifrutti Traders

Clee, Magna, Rucaray and Unifrutti


Apart from the pears grown in Europe, pears from the southern hemisphere are a popular product on supermarket shelves. Total Produce B.V. therefore also imports large volumes of this product. As a result, consumers can enjoy a wide variety of imported pears from March to August that are no less desirable in terms of taste and texture than their European counterparts.

Pears have become one of the most eaten fruits for good reason. They are available year-round and both young and old enjoy their sweet taste and high juice content. 

In many cases, the imported varieties are different to those grown in Europe. Total Produce B.V., for example, imports Abate Fetel, Forelle (bi-colour) and Packham from Chile and Williams, Packham and Abate Fetel from Argentina. Although the Nashi from China is not ‘officially’ a pear, we include it in this group and include it in our range from November to May.