Areas of work

Our markets

Our service to our customers consists not only of delivering the right product, but also finding a suitable logistics solution. Can a buyer be reached quickly and at a reasonable cost?

Important markets for Total Produce B.V. are the Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia and France. These markets can be successfully served from Rotterdam, where Total Produce B.V. is located. This is due in part to an excellent, finely branched transport network that enables deliveries to the most important cities in Western and Northern Europe within 24 hours. Thanks to these good logistical possibilities and a logistics base in Southern France, Total Produce B.V. and its subsidiary Total Produce Indigo SAS, for example, serve the entire French market in a highly effective manner.

In addition to sales in the Benelux, Germany, France and Scandinavia, Total Produce B.V. is also highly active within various Central and Eastern European markets. The Eastern European markets in particular are developing very rapidly in terms of consumer preferences and disposable income per head of the population. Rotterdam has been an important port of landing for fresh fruit for these markets for many years. This success is based on the commercial links between these countries and the Netherlands. Total Produce B.V.’s logistics facilities and location fit in perfectly with this link, as the distribution network from Rotterdam towards Central and Eastern Europe is very well developed. For buyers, this means an efficient delivery of absolutely fresh products.