Apples, lemons, grapesgrapefruitmandarins, pears, pomegranates and oranges

Ledesma, Moño Azul and Tres Ases

2011: 40,8 mln. (EU: 503,5 mln.)

GNR in US$
2011: 446 mld. (EU: 17.584 mld.)

GNR, growth (annualy in %)
2011: 8,9 (EU: 1,5)

GNR per head (US$)
2011: 10.942 (EU: 34.923)

Agriculture, contribution GNR (in %)
2011: 10,6 (EU: 1,5)


This South American country is the largest exporter of lemons in the world. In addition to citrus fruits, apples and pears, Argentina is also home to many grape plantations. These grapes are primarily used for wine production, but also for direct consumption.
Argentina has various growing areas, each with its own specific climatological conditions. Apples and pears, for instance, grow in the Río Negro region, lemons in Tucumán, grapes in San Juan and citrus in the provinces of Jujuy and Litoral.

Total Produce B.V. has been importing various types of fruit from Argentina for many years, working together with respected market leaders of well-established brands.