Food safety

Food safety monitoring plays an increasingly important role in the commercial trade circuit. Rapid developments, permanent changes within EU and national legislation and a tightening up of requirements demands a continuous focus on this aspect. To effectively respond to these developments, Total Produce B.V. has developed a food safety policy and effective care system.

To meet all European legal requirements made on products, Total Produce B.V. is affiliated with Foodcompass, an independent national organisation that carries out risk analysis-based residue studies.

For the testing of food safety, Total Produce B.V. distinguishes between European legal requirements and customer-specific requirements for products. Total Produce B.V. has its own monitoring programme and carries out weekly analyses of the food safety of its products.

This monitoring programme is developed annually in response to a risk analysis based on past results, climate conditions and growing conditions throughout the growing season. Additional inspections are carried out in response to signals from the market and for reasons of sales.