The quality control and conditioning of fresh fruit products is a very important link within the production chain. Total Produce B.V. always endeavours to maintain optimal storage conditions tailored to the physiological properties of the product in order to safeguard quality. The atmosphere in which products are stored plays an important role in this and, if desired and where possible, Total Produce B.V. also uses ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) techniques. Thanks to the available conditioning techniques, the supervision of our product flows from crop to market has become our passion.


Product development

Total Produce B.V. considers product development and innovation important activities, the results of which ensure a proper response to a market under continuous development. When developing new products and innovations, Total Produce B.V. focuses on aspects like quality, productivity, resistance, shelf life and taste.

Product development may involve the development of a new type of packaging or conditioning technique, as well as selecting new varieties. Intensive collaboration with the commercial department forms the basis for the development of new marketing concepts.