Solide Partner

Through the years, Total Produce B.V. has acquired considerable knowledge and experience that it is eager to share with suppliers and buyers. This creates a transparent and active collaboration between all ‘sparring partners’, leading to an up-to-date product range that meets the individual requirements of the buyer.

Long-term relationships with growers of overseas fruits enable us to influence production to a large degree. We can tailor, for example, the volumes, varieties and quality to customer preferences.

Total Produce B.V. offers the following to buyers within the chain:

  • Financial certainty of delivery through active support in the cash flow of suppliers.
  • Its own logistics operation in the Port of Rotterdam. This results in complete control of goods flows, fast access to products, and, thanks to delivery transport by barge, a significant contribution to making the chain more sustainable.
  • Access to a highly experienced quality team and relationships with leading laboratories. In addition to thorough quality control, we also have extensive knowledge of the product, market requirements and (EU) legislation.
  • An experienced team of account and product managers who are intimately familiar with developments in the market.
  • Quality retention during storage through comprehensive analysis, excellent facilities and expertise acquired. We continue to make improvements wherever possible.
  • A many-branched logistics network that enables access to a large number of European markets within 24 hours. The high efficiency level of the Port of Rotterdam is virtually unique in all of Europe in this regard.
  • High-quality knowledge of product and process optimisation and innovation using our Mobile Research Lab, collaboration with seed breeders and a global network of knowledge institutions.
  • Transparency and certainty with regard to legislation and specific buyer requirements through our certification and in-house developed online portal.
  • A sustainable link between the country of origin and the end buyer.