Quality control

Quality control

Consumers demand a high-quality product that is also safe for consumption. To meet these requirements, production, storage, processing, distribution and sales must be fully integrated. That is why Total Produce B.V. has implemented integral quality management. Total Produce B.V. collaborates with all links in the chain for this strategic aspect, making it possible to meet the needs of both customers and consumers.

The quality department serves as an extension of the commercial department and is not limited to conducting quality inspections, but also plays a supporting and advisory role in the chain. At Total Produce B.V., quality is a key factor throughout the organisation, from source to consumer.



Quality always starts at the source, making the grower the most important link in the chain that affects the quality of the product. Throughout the growing season, Total Produce B.V. maintains intensive contact with the growers with regard to weather conditions and other factors that affect the quality of the product. 

Total Produce B.V. carries out three quality control measurements: on arrival, during storage and on delivery. An inspection schedule is drawn up for each product and the product is assessed based on predefined criteria and requirements. 



The inspection results are recorded in a report and sent to the product managers and suppliers. Total Produce B.V. has developed a web portal for distributing the reports and sharing information. This portal is accessible to authorised employees and suppliers of Total Produce B.V. and consists of, among other things, modules for quality and residue reporting and document management.

Total Produce B.V. informs all parties involved regarding legislation, European publications, crop estimates and relevant technical research via the document management module. Statistical and other information is also available, so that insight can be obtained into, for example, the qualitative and conditional state of the products compared to previous years.