Apples, ginger, grapesmelons, oranges and papaya

Agrícola Famosa, Argofruta and Sucocitrico Cutrale

2011: 196,7 mln. (EU: 503,5 mln.)

GNR in US$
2011: 2.477 mld. (EU: 17.584 mld.)

GNR, growth (annually in %)
2011: 2,7 (EU: 1,5)

GNR per head (US$)
2011: 12.594 (EU: 34.923)

Agriculture, contribution GNR (in %)
2011: 5,5 (EU: 1,5)


With a population of nearly 200 million, Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world, the largest economy in South America and a land of climatological extremes. Every product has its own region, where growing conditions are ideal. With the production of apples in the south to melons in the northeast, Brazil not only has a large, but also highly varied range of vegetables and fruits.

The agrarian sector plays an important role in this country. It is responsible for a quarter of the gross national product and 30% of jobs. For many agro commodities, Brazil is the largest producer in the world. The country produces more than 42 million tons of fruits on 2.2 million hectares of land each year, making it the third largest fruit-growing country in the world. The Netherlands is among the top three destinations of Brazilian vegetables and fruits, with a total volume of 270,000 tons in 2012.

Total Produce B.V. primarily imports citrus fruits and melons from Brazil. Products like grapes and ginger are also part of the permanent range.

As a pioneer, Total Produce B.V. has been doing business with a number of leading growers in the country for decades and together they have developed the market. In spite of the ever-stronger internal market, this has enabled them to import the desired products and volumes from Brazil.