Ledesma (Argentina)


Country of origin

Grapefruit, oranges and pomegranates

Ledesma, Maxima and Tika



With its staff of 7,700, Ledesma is one of the largest organisations in the agro industry in Argentina. They produce not only fruit, but are also the market leader in sugar, alcohol, bio-ethanol, paper and fruit concentrate.

The company is very strong in grapes and citrus, particularly oranges, grapefruit and lemons. The grapes are grown in the San Juan region, the heartland of Argentina that borders Chile.   

The lemons come from Tucumán, a region known for its dry, hot climate. The grapefruits and oranges are grown in the far northwest of the Jujuy region, which borders Bolivia and Chile.

Argentinian citrus is known for its excellent taste, which has made it popular through the years with a large group of Total Produce B.V.’s buyers. The Ledesma quality label has been included in the Total Produce B.V. product range for many years.