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Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Peru, Namibia, Egypt and South Africa

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Grape consumption has grown considerably over the years and the grape is currently among the top 5 most eaten fruits. The increasing popularity of the grape among consumers as a ‘convenience product’, is expressed in, for example, the growing demand for seedless grapes.

Grapes are the perfect ‘healthy snack’, as they are ready to eat and provide immediate energy since they are rich in dextrose. The growth process of a bunch of grapes takes 100-125 days and the time of harvest is determined by variety, sugar content, acid content and skin ripeness.

Total Produce B.V. imports a very large range of grapes, both with and without seeds. In general, white grapes are most popular, followed by red and black grapes. The increase in the worldwide consumption of black grapes is an interesting phenomenon.  

Grapes are grown in numerous regions around the world. Total Produce B.V. works together with growers in South Africa, Namibia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, India, Peru and Egypt. As a result, the Total Produce B.V. range includes a wide selection of labels, varieties and packaging.

Total Produce B.V. can rightfully be called a grape specialist and is one of the market leaders in grapes from the southern hemisphere. Our suppliers are specialists in their field and are at the forefront with their knowledge of the product, food safety and innovation.